We understand that the thought of a donation of money  to your community can sometimes make you cringe, but for this journey, giving doesn’t have to hurt your wallet!  We create fun, interactive events throughout the year, at a minimal cost to the participants. While there are prizes given to the winning teams, that’s not really what our events are about however, let’s be honest, if you’ve ever won one of our “bucket of prizes”  you would agree! They are pretty awesome! 
 For those of you not aware, each year we give BUCKETS filled with prizes to the top 3 teams.  You never know what you’re going to get which is why competing in these events makes it friendly in competing. Our buckets are filled 100% from donations we receive. 

If you have something to donate please contact me at: jjscavengerhunt@gmail.com 

Below is a list of items we are looking for but not limited to: 
You name it, we can use it!

*Beauty products 
*small electronic items
*new kitchen ware
* packs of batteries
* New personal hygiene items-packs of tooth brushes, razors, etc
* gift cards in any amount; doesn’t matter how small
* new toys
* stationary
* coffee mugs
* books
* items  you would like to donate to advertise your business
* small umbrellas
* handcrafted items
* infinity scarves
* beer and wine
* wine glasses and beer mugs
* jewelry
* pens, markers, etc
* new tools 

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