Our Story

My mom, a single woman still working full time, found an odd lump on the back of her upper leg. I took a look at it and since she had an upcoming dr. apt I told her to make sure she mentioned it to the doctor. She did and he too, had no idea what it could be.
2 months later she was diagnosed with Liposarcoma; a very rare cancer that makes up about 2% of cancer diagnosis.
Working a third shift job it was impossible for her to go to radiation during the day while getting a safe amount of sleep. And after several radiation treatments, she was too sick to work.
So my mom found her self leaving her home to come live with her daughter, dependent on everyone around her.
I knew I had to do something to help my mom financially. That’s when Joan’s Journey was created. I created a city wide scavenger hunt and invited the community to play. I gave all the money we raised to my mom (which wasn’t much at all, by the way.)
Shortly after my mom’s cancer diagnosis my father in law was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We were taking a beating! So the second year of our event, we split the money between my mom and Adam’s dad.
I’m thrilled to say both my mom and my father in law are doing well and have beat cancer! But that was no reason to stop what we had started. Now, instead of helping family, it was time to reach out to our community.
Our 3rd year in, we were able to assist a family financially and now that we’re upon our 4th year, we’re assisting 3 more families!!!
Milford means so much to me and to my family.

*** A man was walking on a beach. Thousands, if not millions, of star fish had washed up on the shore. The tide was out, leaving the star fish to lay in the sand and die. As the man walked, he picked up a star fish and threw it back in the ocean. He would take a couple of steps, pick up another star fish and throw it back in to the ocean. He did this for more than a mile down the beach.
Another man walking toward him stopped and asked, “what are you doing?? There are a million star fish on the beach You can’t save them all. You’re wasting your time and it’s not going to make a difference.”
The man bent down, picked up a star fish and threw it back in to the ocean. He then replied, “to that one, I made a difference.”