Why Joan’s Journey?

My mom, Joan a single woman working full time, found an odd lump on the back of her upper leg. Upon taking a close look at it, I truly did not know what it was, and while making me feel uneasy, I advised her to mention the lump to the doctor at her upcoming doctors appointment. She did and he too, had no idea what it could be.
2 months later she was diagnosed with Liposarcoma; a very rare cancer that makes up about 2% of cancer diagnosis.
Working a third shift job it was impossible for her to go to radiation during the day while still getting a safe amount of sleep, and after several radiation treatments, she was too sick and far too tired to work.
So my mom, Joan, the woman that was fearless of the world, and as as strong as an ox, found herself leaving her home to come live with her daughter, dependent on everyone around her.
I knew as her daughter and watching her go through such a horrendous time I had to do something to help my mom not only mentally, but also financially. That’s when Joan’s Journey was created. Joan’s Journey is a city wide scavenger hunt for the community to get together, meet new people, and to play! After the first scavenger hunt came and went all the money that was raise for Joan
(which wasn’t much at all, by the way) went straight to her.
Shortly after my mom’s cancer diagnosis, my father in law, Larry was diagnosed with bladder cancer. So with the second year of our event sneaking up on us, we without question split the money between my mom, Joan and Adam’s dad, Larry.
I’m thrilled to say after months and months of debilitating cancer treatments both Joan and Larry have BEAT cancer! With having the amazing feeling on how well the first two launches of the journey did, we knew that them beating cancer was no reason to stop what we had started. Now, instead of helping our family, it was time to reach out to our community.
Now, our 3rd year in, we were able to assist a family financially and now that we’re upon our 4th year, we are blessed in assisting 3 more families! Throughout the years, this has become close to my family. Being able to see the impact and positivity that Joan’s Journey has made in our community makes our Milford family feel blessed that we are apart of creating this amazing experience for everyone around.